5 Rug Mistakes to Avoid at all Cost

When one intends to buy a rug to carpet a house floor, they may have in mind that it will deliver as expected and blend well with the already existing house furniture. People make horrible mistakes when choosing rugs for their spaces due to failure to consider some key aspects of their living rooms. While some blunders are common to most homeowners, you may run into others due to lack of clear details of what you are looking for.

Here, I have compiled a list of some traps that people often fall into and how to avoid them:

  • Poor timing – a lot of people consider going for the furniture and interior décor first then later decide to bring in the rug. Having the furniture first will limit your choices to the ones that match your décor. Deciding on the rug first will hand you the opportunity to choose from a variety of rug models and have a good template to start from. It is easier to decide on other house furniture based on a rug design rather than do the opposite.
  • Choosing the wrong rug for your home needs – the beauty of the rug is important when it perfectly suits the intended purpose of your home. Even if a certain rug catches your eye from the stores, it might not be the same in your house if it doesn’t meet your home’s needs. You must make sure it is the ultimate fit for your home in terms of the space available and aesthetic quality. Its material will determine whether it will serve your intended purpose.
  • Choosing the wrong size rug – the size of the rug you choose to purchase will determine the first impression of a room once you’ve placed it on the floor. Getting the wrong size will look unpleasing. An easy way to know the exact size of rug to buy is by determining the space in your living room and the furniture placement. The available space left to step on can be used to determine the size of the rug to purchase.
  • Misjudging quality – with many brands in the market, you can have a hard time determining the finest quality that will give back the value of your money. Some rugs are made of low-grade wool that is further treated to look better as new. They look so attractive, that they might knock you off your feet from the first look. But after the first wash, the chemical dyes wash away and the rug looks different than it did earlier. Even worse, you may realize the rugs may discolor and lose their appeal.
  • Being afraid to mix patterns – you may not realize that when trying not to mix, the rug may not satisfy other aspects such as size and the right quality. Feel free to have a pattern mix in your living room to diversify looks.

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